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The NSD Powerball is an innovative, multipurpose device which according to the prestigious Financial Times in the USA –
“It’s Another Rubik Cube in the Making”

NSD Power gyro ball is a handheld exercise device that targets and isolated muscles in the hands, fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders area.  It challenges all fitness level and all age from teenager to age pensioner.  It can be used to build strength, tone muscles, rehabilitate or just to have fun with mates.  It is a gyroscope technic masterpiece, so unique that it is patented worldwide.  Best of all, it is so compact that you can bring it with you for a quick workout anywhere, anytime!

Sport’s new wondertool

Increase grip strength, tone arms, build muscles, increase flexibility, range of motion and endurance.

For swing based sports like golf, tennis, baseball, hockey and squash, it dramatically increases the players ability to hit a ball further, straighter and with more authority as a direct result of this additional power in the upper body

For other sports such as mountain biking, motocross, climbing or rowing, the NSD Power gyro ball is a great exercise tool goes to work on your fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders and gives them an extraordinary resilience to the rigors you face while simultaneously boosting your endurance levels.


Unexpected dynamic power

NSD Power gyro ball make exercise more fun, it is so compact that you can take it and work out at your own pace anywhere anytime.  Check out our Autostart model that made exercise easier than ever.

It is only the size of a tennis ball, but set the internal rotor in motion and it will literally become like a tiny hurricane in your hand – exploding with mind numbing gyroscopic torque/inertia.

The ball comes alive with forces, furiously thrashing and jerking as your arm and wrist try to keep it in control, spinning it faster and faster until you have it up to almost 15,000rpm and it’s exerting about 40lbs of pressure on your limbs at a speed of 250 revolutions per second – no batteries, just pure gyroscopic power – the fastest human propelled device ever created!

The NSD Power ball has hit the fitness market with a fury and we guarantee that it’s here to give you a full arm workout quite unlike any other you’ll ever have experienced regardless of current fitness levels.

Its secret lies in the way it isometrically tests the muscle groups in the arms and shoulders – you can have the ability to curl the heaviest of dumbbell’s down in the gym but take your NSD Powerball up to 13,000rpm for just 30-40 seconds and we absolutely guarantee a muscle burn of monumental proportions.


Pure, Dynamic Therapy

Regular use of NSD Power gyro ball helps to rehabilitate strength in fingers, wrist, hands, forearms and shoulders.

The smooth, fluid action of spinning the NSD Powerball when coupled to this inertia results in a unique therapeutic quality which will have a profound effect on Carpal Tunnel syndrome – CTS, Repetitive Strain injury – RSI, tendonitis, arthritis & all wrist related ailments while used for as little as just 5-7 minutes   each day.

Improve strength and co-ordination!

Musicians need to have strength, co-ordination and dexterity in both hands, whether they play a drum, piano, sax or guitar.

Meet the extraordinary NSD Power gyro ball – a pocket sized powerhousethat will help to oversee a significant improvement in your playing skills in less than 30 days!

Take one for a spinand the most important aspect from your perspective is that each of these radical benefits can be achieved by using Power gyro ball for just 5-7 minutes per day…whether sitting in a car on the way to a concert, relaxing in front of a television or as a quick warm up before playing – just pull it from your pocket and spin! 


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