Trick Golf Ball – All Four Trick Golf Balls


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Wipe the smirk off the best player in your next foursome with these devious trick golf balls. Nothing is more likely to frustrate a player than an excellent hit that is met with one of the most irritating pranks available on the green.

This package comes with four trick golf balls, allowing you the option to sabotage everyone’s game or to simply draw out the agony of suspense for one easy target.

Choose the Exploding Golf Ball, which explodes on impact, for the player with the best drives. Use the Phantom Golf Ball, which disappears in thin air, and watch as the player searches everywhere for it. Switch the Unputtable Golf Ball with the regular ball on the green, it will wiggle around, heading everywhere but the hole. For a little added drama, use the JetStreamer Ball, which shoots out a lovely red ribbon on impact.

Your golf game just got a whole lot more exciting!

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