Golf Club Condition Rating

New 10/10Never used. Has never hit a golf ball.
Pristine 9.9/10May show light shop wear if any.
Mint  9.5/10Clubs have been used one or two rounds.
Excellent  9/10Clubs have been used for less than one season. Crowns will show light surface scratches if any. No pop up marks or paint chips. Irons show very little use and are free of almost any cosmetic flaws. Light sole scratches from light use will be present.
Very Good 8.5/10Clubs have been used for 1-2 seasons. Crowns will show no pop up marks but may show some surface scratches or a small paint chip. Irons retain deep grooves and show some wear from normal play. 
Good 8/10Clubs have been used for 2-3 seasons. Crowns may show light to moderate wear, scuffing, a few small paint chips, or a pop up mark. Irons will have been used but will be free of major dings and wear. 8’s will have plenty of life left in them.
Fair 7.5/10Clubs have been used for multiple seasons. Crowns will show signs of wear, paint chips, sky marks. Irons may show discoloration, bag chatter, and groove wear.
Playable 7/10Very well used. Obvious signs of some misuse. Clubs will still be playable but show neglect.