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Introducing POWERSPIN® – the FUN new way to fantastic arms and abs

Simply SPIN! anyone. anywhere. anytime

Pick up Powerspin® and suddenly it’s clear. It’s a Cyclone, Hurricane and Typhoon all wrapped up in one unique device. How fast can you spin it? (a specially coated steel ball rolling around inside a smooth tube – simple, right?)

WRONG! Powerspin is fast & fun – a ruthlessly efficient exercise product that can leave you bewildered and holding your arms, grasping your shoulders and hugging your chest with tight muscle burn in less than 60 seconds if you spin it fast enough.

Your fitness decision has never been more simple; it can build muscle. It can tone arms. It can rehabilitate. It simply depends on what you want it to do and just HOW FAST YOU SPIN!

Please watch the introduction video about PowerSpin……….


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